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PC DOC PRO- WIndows Vista Start UP Repair

PC DOC PRO solution for Windows Vista Start up Repair-

Looking for a WIndows Vista start repair? One day you invoke on your Windows Vista machine and it doesn't rush up properly. The system may take too long to rush or give error messages such as Disk rush failure, File is missing, OS not found, or non-system disk failure. Your system may startup, but the keyboard and pussyfoot do not work or the concealment may show the chromatic concealment of death

The start problems in Windows Vista may arise due to:

• Missing or corrupt system files

• Missing, corrupt, or clashing drivers

• Corrupt rush configuration settings

• Corrupt registry settings

• Corrupt master rush record, partition table, or rush sector

• Improper installation of Windows Vista

When such problems arise, you need to immediately fix these problems because if the problem persists, you may risk serious system corruption, machine freezing, or modify hard disk failure. The worst thing that happens with the start problems is that they are arduous to fix and you cannot modify access your normal troubleshooting tools. Although you crapper ingest other troubleshooting techniques such as registry cleaning, removing hardware, or troubleshooting hardware, they are not simple to perform.

How to Fix Vista Startup the Easy Way

Most of the start problems crapper be corrected by cleaning the system registry. However, the manual cleaning of registry is arduous to action modify for machine experts. A small erroneous deletion of a registry entry may damage your machine modify more.

The easy way to clean registry is to ingest the third party registry cleaning tools. Such tools are cushy to ingest and are risk free. They provide you an cushy artefact to create registry backups before cleaning the registry so that the deleted registry entries crapper be recovered backwards easily if required.

A registry cleaner agency scans and analyzes the windows registry. It finds inaccurate and obsolete aggregation in the windows registry and deletes it. Registry repair software also fixes windows errors and stops system freezes. Once the registry cleaner cleans the registry, your system module run fast, smooth, and error free. Simply construe your machine and you crapper repair Vista start in minutes.

Are You Experiencing Slow Windows Startup Problems in windows Vista? Do you need a solution TODAY? Learn exactly why your windows computer is running slow and learn how you can fix it permanently with PC Doc Pro and fix your windows startup problems TODAY with PC Doc Pro then download PC Doc Pro right now, to give your computer a free check-up.

Some people immediately turn to the Internet and look for solutions that can improve their computer's seemingly ailing speed. By doing this, you might end up spending big bucks on products that do not actually work. Before wasting your time, try this reliable technique for speeding up your computer with PC Doc Pro and clean your registry by this you can solve your slow computer startup problems.

After long use of your PC many changes occur to your windows registry and these changes cause leftover redundant files which can significantly slow your operating system. PC Doc Pro will handle all your startup problems by cutting the amount of programs which has to load when it boots up it will dramatically improve the speed of your computer. It will only choose the ones that you want to get launched when you start your PC. By doing this your machine will be able to start faster and smoother. PC Doc Pro registry cleaner will scan your registry files make backup of necessary file. Regular removal of redundant files is necessary to improve your computer performance. PC Doc Pro will provide registry scan whenever that fits the best.

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PC DOC PRO - Fix Window Registry Problems

PC DOC PRO< Solution to Fix Windows Registry Problems-

Are you experiencing Windows Errors and slow PC performance? There are a number of reasons that makes your PC slower and the common reason is the registry errors on your PC. To solve the speed problem and performance issues of your computer you need a Registry Cleaner and repair software. This will help you enhance the performance of your PC.
Essentially, a Windows Registry is the central database of your computer. Every little change you make on your computer is recorded in the registry. When you switch on and start up your computer, it is the registry that will determine how your computer should operate, what settings and application programs are available and how the computer should look like.
PC Doc Pro software will automatically scan your PC for missing, obsolete and corrupted entries. It will repair the errors resulting to faster and error-free computer performance. If you will not take action to fix the registry problem of your PC, the problem will become complicated leading to severe problems like programs not responding and worst system crashes.

The most common PC troubles are found at locations spread throughout your computer. PCDOCPRO scanner allows you to scan for invalid registry entries that might be causing slow PC issues. The software will inform you of where the errors exist, and what potential errors they might cause. PCDocPro is a good registry cleaner it will quickly scan, locate, and log all the useless entries in your registry. It will give you the option of either deleting them manually, or automatically delete them itself. PC Doc Pro has the backup capability it will make a copy of all your existing registries before scan and deleting any entry. It has the capability of locating and repairing its damaged files. PC Doc Pro will clean your PC’s windows registry without damaging your machine
Let PC Doc Pro make your computer registry “error-free” before one of these dreaded corrupt files devastates your PC for good. It only takes one click to reclaim the speed you thought your computer had lost.
What do you do to get your registry, literally, up to speed? PC Doc Pro is only appropriate to use a good commercial registry repair program. These programs are sometimes referred to as a registry fixers or cleaners, as well as repair programs.
If your current PC is giving you problems every day windows taking too long to load or even freezing up, Windows becoming unresponsive at random, or your operating system taking several minutes to boot up - then take a deep breath and calm down. How frustrating it can be! To fix windows registry and a free computer check-up download PC Doc Pro now

PC DOC PRO- Fix Windows Explorer Error

PC DOC PRO Solution to Fix Windows Explorer Error-

The next thing you do not want to face at your office early in the morning or at home is a slow Windows Explorer. Especially when you have tons of work to do and you cannot start with everything because of the slow Windows Explorer problem.
But what causes a slow Windows Explorer? An application server or domain controller was probably moved out of the network or there are settings on your file server that was moved to a new IP address. It also
depends on different things like virus or spyware. It is possible that your Windows have errors or you installed new programs that causes it to be slow. You can know the real problem with your CPU by using the task Manager. Then run an anti-spy tool. If it is not necessary, do not reformat or it will just make your problem worse.
A different way to fix a slow Windows explorer is by right clicking on the start menu and then opening maybe five to ten 'explore all users'. You must do it rapidly, one after the other. This method will secure the problem for about five minutes. But then, it will begin the problem again.Another good idea is to disconnect from the network. If your taskbar has a shortcut to a network item, delete the taskbar shortcut. It will fix the problem.
If these methods do not fix your slow Windows Explorer, you can try these:
1-Open a command prompt then use the netstat -an command. You will see the list of machines you have connections to.
2-Then go to Explorer and open a file.
3-Run netstat -an again while waiting for the file to open and look for new entries.
4-The IP address that is on the left is the local machine's address while the IP address on the right is the machine, which it is trying to connect to. You must copy this IP address without the port number and then search for it with regedit.
Is Your Windows Explorer slow? Do you need a solution TODAY? Learn exactly why your windows computer is running slow and learn how you can fix it permanently for FREE. Visit fix your computer problems TODAY!

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PC DOC PRO-Customize Your Windows Vista

PC DOC PRO Solution to Customize Your Windows Vista

Windows Vista is still in beta and already it is looking really good. There are a lot of features that can help some and hinder others. In this article you will see some tips to get Windows Vista to act the way you want it.

*Restore Virtual Folders in the Start Menu in Windows Vista

Windows Vista will index all of your files so they are easy to find. In earlier builds of Windows Vista there would be virtual folders in the start menu to make finding your files easier. In the current beta Microsoft have decided to revert to the old way of pointing to a specific folder. In this tutorial we will show you how to get your start menu pointing back virtual folders.Alright first you want to right-click on the start menu and go to properties. In the taskbar and start menu properties click on customize.

Click on the type of document and click on link to this library.That’s it, just repeat the steps for other kinds of documents. You are all set.

*Change the Areo Look in Windows Vista

Windows Vista is all about looking pretty. Pretty comes at a price. When you have all of the effects on in Windows Vista tons of resources are taken up by the user interface. In this tutorial we will show you how to lessen the load from Windows Vista.First you want to go to the start menu and select the control panel. In the control panel go to appearance and personalization. Under personalization click on the customize colors and change your color scheme. Open up the classic appearance properties and in there you will find personalization, click on it and click on color scheme and change the selection from default to express.

Click on OK and save the changes.That’s it. Your PC will be a lot less taxed by they user interface. Vista really seems ram hungry so your PC will need any help it can get.

*Disable User Account Protection in Windows Vista. Speed up Pc

A mew feature in Windows Vista is the User Account Protection. This protects you from making changes to your system files. So for instance if you wanted to delete a system file from the system32 directory Windows Vista will tell you that you don’t have access even if you are a administrator. To some this may be a feature but to others this may be a hassle. In this tutorial we will show you how to disable the User Account Protection in Windows Vista.Go to the run command by holding the windows key and press R. In the run command type secpol.msc and click on OK. If you are prompted to enter the administrative password do so and click on OK. In the local security settings navigate to security settings then local policies and security options.Set the two first account protection items to No Prompt and select disabled for the remaining items. Close up everything and you are all set.

You will need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect. This feature can be really useful for preventing spyware from installing on your system. So it might be recommended to just do this to your admin account.

PC DOC PRO-Boost your Computer Speed

PC DOC PRO-Boost Your Computer Speed

PC DOC PRO is the Best Solution to speed your computer speed.

Can Registry Cleaners Speed Up My PC?

Many PC users routinely use a program which cleans up their registry and few even know what the function of the registry is. It is obvious that a cleaner does some sort of housekeeping duties on the computer, but just what exactly is your registry?
The registry was installed by Microsoft as a storage base when they first marketed Windows with the 3.11. For Windows to load to function it must first load the Operating System which is now either Vista or Windows XP. Once the operating system is loaded it needs to load all the files and the drivers that your computer needs for the programs you have installed to function.

These files are stored in the registry which is a catalog of the files needed for your current programs. This registry is actually changed every time you download or remove a program; add a browser or another piece of software to your computer. Equally when you remove a piece of software or a program it removes the files stored in the registry.However software installation is not just a series of files some of those are shared files because they are used for more than one program, which means that when a program is uninstalled it is rarely a clean uninstall. Often messy files are left behind and your daily use of a PC dumps redundant files in the registry.

Why Should I Use a Registry Cleaner?
A registry can be cleaned manually but there is a large element of risk if you do not know what you are doing because once a file is deleted some programs may not work properly, or they may not load at all. All in all it can be a minefield to clean the registry manually and for a novice there is a very good chance that you will have to pay for a professional repair because there is no going back with the job, there is absolutely no leeway for chance.Yet all these redundant files can really slow your PC as it trawls through a lot of dead files. However there is a solution, PC Doc Pro, an eponymous program which will remove the dead files safely and makes a back up of all the registry files, so that nothing is ever ‘accidentally' lost. PC Doc Pro is purpose built for the job of scanning files and alerting you to the ones that can safely be deleted.

The Result: A Faster P C

Why leave your PC running slow when you can get the most out of it easily and safely. A clean registry will be immediately noticeable your computer will work faster instantly. A regular clean of the registry with PC DOC PRO will ensure a safe PC working and functioning at its best to make your life easier.

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PC DOC PRO - How to Cure Slow PC Problems

What Does The Registry Do-

The registry can be considered a database and understand everything there is to know about your computer. This includes the drivers that run your hardware, printer, sound card, video card, scanner, hard disk and more.

The good news is that in order to repair slow computer problems, you do not have to spend a lot of money. But in order to fix a slow loading computer, you do have to perform the right steps, or you could have an even bigger mess on your hands than you do now.The good news is tweaking PC performance and optimizing it so that it runs blazing fast doesn't require IT support and can be done by freeing up CPU resources that are being used to run programs in the background, programs.

How to start up Slow PC Problems-
When you are experiencing a slow computer start up and shut down? And when it does finally get up and running, do applications seem to take forever to load? When you type something, do the words take forever to appear on the screen? Do you ever get that awful blue screen of death? I will tell you why this happens, and what to do about it.

The reason you get a slow computer start up and other problems is because of a device called the registry. What does the registry do? It regulates all of the applications in Windows. All Windows based computers from Windows 95 on have this feature. Your PC would not run without it, because the registry is accessed whenever you make a command of your computer. And as part of this, a new file is added every time. Usually, these files get deleted, but some get left behind, and eventually the registry just gets too big. This affects other applications, and is basically bound to happen, unless you take preventative action.

PC DOC PRO is the ideal Solution for your PC’s Windows registry woes. PC DOC PRO is an advanced registry cleaner for Windows that will find the log of errors and safely cleans repairs and optimizes your registry breathing new life into your PC. Download PC DOC PRO to get free from Slow Start up,Windows Registry Problems and Windows Error Messages.PC DOC PRO is a complete solution to resolve your PC problems. We have a team of professional analysts who are Microsoft Certified Professionals.

PC DOC PRO -Disable AutoPlay feature in Windows Vista

PC DOC PRO Solution-Disable AutoPlay feature in Windows Vista

Remember with XP how it wasn’t quite as flexible as it would later become in Vista? It really does make it easier in that respect. The major difference is that there could be way too many options available and can get rather confusing. To make it worse, there is no option with USB Flash Drives and doesn’t recognize them. While it isn’t a major issue, it is however an annoyance for anyone who uses these devices.

There is a way to disable it and believe it or not, it is actually very easy. The 1st step for this procedure is to go directly into your Control Panel. On the Hardware and Sounds option, go to “Play CDs or other media automatically.”

*Disabling AutoPlay Globally

This is very simple to actually complete. It’s nothing too technical. All that needs to be done is just simply uncheck the box with the AutoPlay and it should have it disabled for not just one format but all formats as well.

*Disabling for a Single Type

Like the previous item above, this can be done as well. Nothing really fancy about it, all that needs to be done is just be specific on what you want to disable. Global AutoPlay will need to be on though for it to work. It can be done by picking a specific option and disabling it.

*Disabling for Removable Flash Devices Only

This one is a little bit different as there isn’t an option to disable it directly from there. This is where Windows will determine what driver it is exactly and how it will be read. All that needs to be done however is just go to “take no action.” All that it will simply do is not do anything at all whenever hooking up a flash device to your own computer. Other than it not stating that it’s a flash or removable flash device, it’s just as simple as the previous methods.

*Disabling Through Group Policy

This is a more technical method than the previous ones listed. However, if you do not have Business or Ultimate Editions of Vista, then do not bother reading further and don’t try it. It is rather useless to do such a thing.If you have it, proceed further and just open up gpedit.msc using the Search Box available in Start Menu, just like doing that with the Registry Edit. Then, you browse into Windows Components/AutoPlay Policies. Just simply change the value of “Turn off AutoPlay” to enabled.

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PC DOC PRO -Stop Windows Mobility Center in Windows Vista

PC DOC PRO Solution-Stop Windows Mobility Center in Windows Vista

For laptop users that have Vista installed on their computers, this would be something for you to read. If not, then I’m afraid this tutorial won’t serve you much of a purpose considering that it’s exclusive for that. However, you can keep reading if you’re interested in learning how to disable Windows Mobility Center for Vista on a laptop. Does this program get on your nerves? Well, it can do so and it isn’t for everybody.For those who don’t know what Windows Mobility Center is exactly, it is a tool that is used mainly involving laptops with Vista.

However, if you wish to stop it and get rid of it, then proceed further. This is what you do in order to take care of this problem for you. All that it takes is a registry hack to modify it and it should be taken care of without trouble.

*Manual Registry Hack

To start this off, you have to open up regedit.exe in the start menu search box. Keep in mind as stated previously, it’s for laptops only with Vista. You then have to navigate to the following key listed below; it creates it without it having to exist.


If you don’t see it, chances are you don’t have Vista or a laptop.Create a 32-bit DWORD entry on the right side of the registry editor and name it as No Mobility Center. Finally, assign it a value of 1.

PC DOC PRO -Six Tips for Boosting Your Internet Speed

PC DOC PRO Solution-Six Tips for Boosting Your Internet Speed

If you are someone who spends a lot of time browsing the Web, you've almost certainly run across plenty of ads for software products which promise to speed up your Internet connection so that websites will load much more quickly. But how much they can you put in such claims?

While some of these software products are legitimate, before you spend money on any of them, you should try some of the following DYI techniques to improve your Internet speeds on your own:

The speed with which you can get around on the Internet is directly connected to the type of connection you have. At one time, a 56K modem was considered state-of-the-art Internet access. Today, however, DSL, cable, and wireless Internet connections make the 56K modem seem agonizingly slow. Even these advanced Internet connections, however, can be made even faster with a few additional measures in place.

* Begin to optimize your Internet connection speed by simply adding more memory to your PC. Unless you have sufficient memory, your connection speed will be hampered. Even if you have plenty of memory, however, your connection speed will still suffer if you are running unnecessary programs in the background while you surf.

* Check to see which programs are running on your computer by hitting CTRL+ALT+ DEL to open Your Windows Task Manager. Doing so will give you a list of every application that's currently running, and the option to close those which are necessary. As you close different applications, you'll free up your PC's memory and the resources to speed up your Internet connection.

* Use a browser with a pop-up blocker. Whenever you surf the web, your risk for encountering pop-up ads which on your bandwidth and slow your browser speed. Simply use a Google search to find a web browser with a built-in pop-up blocker.

* Protect your PC against spyware and adware. When you surf the Web, your PC is vulnerable to being compromised with unwanted files which are secretly loaded onto your hard drive to provide the parties responsible for them with information about your surfing habits. This adware and spyware can seriously compromise your PC, and requires the installation of anti-spyware software.

* There is plenty of good anti-spyware software available in the form of free Internet downloads. If you aren't currently using any, you should immediately install some and run it. Once it's found and removed the offending programs from your PC, you should get in the habit of running it frequently.

You can determine if your PC has been infected with spyware by looking for a free spyware scan. Review the different spyware scanning tools available to make sure the one you download is from a reputable provider.

* An even greater threat to your ability to browse the web at maximum speed is the threat of computer viruses. Viruses are capable of eating out the enormous amounts of bandwidth and reducing your Internet surfing to a crawl. You absolutely must install good antivirus software and run it regularly. Look for an antivirus program which is automatically updated, because new viruses, Trojans, and worms find their way to the Internet everyday!

PCDOCPRO Solution - " Vista takes such a long time to turn off "

PCDOCPRO Solution-Vista takes such a long time to turn off

Well, Actually all operating systems take a long long time to turn off when they are overwhelmed with running programs and installed applications that just eat up all their resources.If you want to mess with the shut down time, then you have to know that will actually chance the time Windows takes to shut down all services. This option is well hidden into registry. Type in regedit and follow the path below:


Here you see plenty of field in the right part of the screen. Just let them be, we are only interested in the last one in order to ameliorate this problem. Under the column Data, you see the time it takes to shut down a service, it’s about 20 seconds. Double clicking there will allow you to chance the value. Make it anything between 20000 and 5000, as setting it below 5000 will cause windows to crush often when many services are in progress.

PC DOC PRO- Share Windows Vista experience score over the Internet

You know you can share your Windows Vista experience score over the internet. is a website that allows you to share your Windows Vista Experience score over the internet with all others users around the world. You can also check the score of other users and see where your system’s score stands. This way you can match the performance of your system with other users having the same system configuration as yours.

In order to check your score for Windows Vista go to Control Panel, and select Performance Information and Tools. A window will open up that will show the score initially calculated. If you want to update your Windows Vista Experience score then you also update the same by clicking “update my score”. You should have administrator right for performing this operation.

Share Windows Vista experience score over the internet After you have successfully uploaded your score, you will get a Html link so that you can put the score on your own website.This is how the score will look. This is the score of my computer. The major contributor to this score is Graphics card, RAM and the processor speed.Share Windows Vista experience score over the internet

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PC DOC PRO-Assign a Shortcut Key to the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista

Assign a Shortcut Key to the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista-

Some versions have this and some don’t. If it doesn’t, then you probably shouldn’t bother reading any further. Be sure to check and see if you have it. It might serve as an interesting tip on getting a Shortcut key to the Snipping Tool. It’s a Windows Vista exclusive but as far as which version; I don’t know which ones exactly off the top of my head. If I knew, I’d say which one. Anyway, this should be interesting and this is how to do it if you have it of course.

A brief note about the Snipping Tool is that it can take region or full screenshots. Basically you can take as much or as little as a screenshot as you possibly would want and could serve better with that than the Print Screen button on your keyboard.Like things in life, there’s always a catch. There is no hotkey but if you read below, you’ll learn how to take care of that little minor annoyance.Before going on any further, see if you have it. Go into All Programs and then click on Accessories. If you don’t have it, then it’s either not installed or it didn’t come with your Vista. Chances are 50/50 on that front and that’s about it. Look below at the screenshot and it should be a great indicator whether or not you have it.

PC DOC PRO-Add Registry Editor to Control Panel

Add Registry Editor to Control Panel-

Sometimes this is an item that can be needed. Little modifications might help to make it better in the long run without causing damage. No one has ever really given it much thought to actually create a Registry Editor icon for the Control Panel. Like some modifications, this also can be done.There is a registry edit hack to allow that move to happen. It works for both Vista and XP, assuming all versions by the way. There is no limitation in that regard. This should help you out if you are interested in just using an icon instead of using the search bar on the start menu or for that matter, the batch file in XP.

Windows Vista

Once you have the item installed, you then go into your System and Maintenance in the Control Panel. You must have the item 1st before proceeding further.If you did it right, you should see a registry edit icon at the very bottom of the list. If it’s not there, then it simply wasn’t installed right.To make it even more useful, it is now available as an icon in the start menu search box.

Windows XP

Like the Vista one, it has to be installed but in this case is different. When you go to the Control Panel, it must be in Classic View otherwise you won’t see the item in question.


Just a simple download, extract, and then double-click on the script.


If you don’t want to see it anymore, just use the script included with it and take it from there.

PC DOC PRO-Add Group Policy to Control Panel

Add Group Policy to Control Panel-

Before going further, this can’t be done on the Home Editions of Vista and XP. If you have either of those versions, then you may want to just stop reading from here. If you have a more professional edition, then proceed and keep reading. However, if you are interested and curious enough about group policy, then this might be for you. I can’t tell you that for sure, that’s your own decision. Anyhow, there is a way to do on the Professional Editions of both Vista and XP.

There is a catch however. It can’t be modified manually. At this moment in time, there’s no way to add a default item to this right here at REG_SWORD_SZ. Just keep reading on.Again, this is for the professional edition of Vista; so do not bother trying this with the Home Edition. After it is installed, go into Additional Options in the Control Panel.

If you have the other versions outside the Home Edition, you’ll see it. If not, do not go on a witch-hunt because it’s not an option. If you look under there and the screenshot below, there should be the option of the Group Policy Editor. If not, do not worry about it. Keep in mind that the key being emphasized the most is that it can’t be the Home Edition of Vista.

Windows XP

Like Vista before, this has to be the Professional Edition. The only comforting factor is that it actually doesn’t have a lot of versions of XP. To proceed further and for you XP users, make sure you put it on Classic View.You should see Group Policy Editor but if you don’t, then you probably either installed it wrong or you got the Home Edition. There is no way to find out with the Home Edition.


If you have the file, then download and extract, finally double-click on AddGroupPolicyToControlPanel.reg to add the icon and that should do the trick.
UninstallingLike many programs, there is a way to uninstall it. There is a script to get rid of it in the registry edit hack. As far as should it be done, only if you don’t want it anymore. Otherwise, don’t bother with it.

Activate "Command Window here" option in Vista-

This is one of the most popular hacks earlier used in Windows XP but the same is now being applied in Windows Vista. This trick allows you to involuntarily open a command window in the directory that you had clicked on.In order to activate this option, hold the SHIFT Key and right click on any folder and you should notice “Open Command Window here” option in the menu.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PC DOC PRO-Registry

Beginners Guides: The Registry: Backups, Repairs, and Protection

The Windows registry is one of the most important aspects of any Windows PC. Although it has a complex structure, its main aim is to give the operating system's code a somewhat easier user interface where changes can be made easily. The entries in the registry are in simple English, and all functions can be changed with software built in Windows XP. result in damaging the system. If malicious software is installed, it can be difficult to remove.This article will reveal the structure of the registry as well as how to backup, protect and restore it. By the end, you will discover what you can achieve by editing the registry.

What is the registry?

Thee registry contains all the configuration data of Windows XP, and the programs that are installed. All the information the system handles is here and can be accessed by opening a single menu.Thee registry shows all the variables of the system such as: what font the text should have, what size, how many icons are on the desktop, what is the default browser, mail client etc. Here you can access the hidden areas of Windows.Viewing the registry with REGEDIT Viewing and editing the registry in done with the help of a simple tool called Regedit .Before you start editing make sure you make a backup of the registry because improper edit can result in damaging the operating system.

Starter Registry Hacks

Select the “Advanced” tab scroll until you reach “enable install on demand.”

Uncheck this and disable registry remote access. This will prevent malicious user with a valid administrator account to modify the registry remotely.

Now right click on “my computer” the select manage, after that select services and applications and highlight “services.” In the right hand pane locate the “remote registry” service. Right click and hit properties. Shut down and disable the service. Remove the .reg file.

Malicious .reg files can gain direct access to your registry, via mail or websites, when you open them. To avoid this remove the association between .reg and the registry so that the only way to use .reg is with Regedit.

You can archive this by: going to Start\control panel\ appearances and themes\ folder options. Select the “file types” tab. Scroll until you find the REG entry, then select and hit “change.” Click the option “I will select a program from the list” and locate Notepad. Now all your reg files will be opened by Notepad.

Speeding up the Start Menu

Using the registry, you can reduce the time it takes the start menu to reveal its submenus: Open REGEDIT and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\

Edit the MenuShowDelay value. The default is 400; lower values will speed up the start menu. Do not use the “0” value. Experiment to judge which one suits your computer

PC DOC PRO- Registry Cleaner Software

PC Doc Pro – Especially Designed For Your Registry - product white paper -

PC Doc Pro is a piece of software that helps you with all the problems that your registry causes to your computer. It works by identifying those registry items that are no longer valid and you have the whole power to get rid of the registry entries that you no longer need. If you want to try this product and restore the health of your computer, you can go to and download the product for a free of charge check-up.What you will find in this white paper-

In this document, you will be able to find all the information and suggestions needed in order to use PC Doc Pro at maximum capacity. This is just general information about the product, but you can learn more from the help file that you will find when you download the software. You can search there further instructions.

• The white paper is intended to familiarize you with the problems your registry may have and the way in which PC Doc Pro can solve the issues related to cleaning your registry entries that are no longer wanted.Check the document for these topics:
• General information on the registry

• Special issues related to the registry

• The importance of backup

• The restore capabilities of the program

• Other options for PC Doc Pro:

• Handling startup entries

• Choosing your own times for scans

• Total restoration of your computer performance

General Information On The Registry-

The registry on your computer is a part of Windows without which you would not be able to run the operating system at all. According to the version of Windows that is installed on your computer, the registry is placed in your computer memory in different files, that also occupy different locations.The registry records the relationship between hardware, memory space, and addressing. It contains information and settings for all the hardware, software, users,and preferences of the computer. Whenever you make a change to the Control Panel settings, file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the registry. The operating system continually references this information during its operation.

The registry importance is due to the fact that it complies to the necessity of transferring information from hardware to memory and the other way around, along with keeping valuable information on how these transfers are addressed. Besides, it is also responsible for keeping all the settings for components, for programs, for users and other preferences on your machine. This means that the registry will always know when you make any changes in Control Panel, or when you install new programs, or when you move files and change their associations. All this information is stored by the registry.

Special Issues Related To The Registry-

The role of the registry is very important. It keeps the computer configuration separated from the user's configuration, and group policies can be set up so the system operators can change them at any given time. Also, you can access the registry of a machine in a network of computers and you can make a backup for it for further needs.

No matter how good this component of Windows is, it has its fair share of problems. Its weak point is its centralized nature. As it keeps sensitive information on all that happens on a computer, it means that, when a modification takes place in the registry, your entire information on the machine can get damaged. You can even reach the point of not being able to get your machine started, besides having to deal with a noticeable decrease in performance. The worst it can get consists in losing important data on your computer, and it can impose that Windows be installed again, with no possibility of repairing the damage.

At first, when Windows gets installed for the first time on your machine, the registry is clean. But, any time you install something new on your computer, the registry will retain software entries. As some programs are not so well designed, they can leave unwanted entries in the registry, even after you erased them from the computer. This happens with programs that do not have proper uninstall features. As a consequence, the registry gets fatter with non useful information.

When the registry becomes very large, computer performance can decrease and cause it to be unstable. Some computer users spend a lot of time and effort going through the registry and editing it manually. Not only can this be a daunting task, it is also a risky one.The size of the registry affects the general performance of your computer. You will know that your machine is in trouble when you will notice it run with difficulty, long waits for opening programs and so on. Some users, that know a little about registry issues, try to edit it manually, but this operation is far from recommendable, as it can damage your needed registry files and your machine for good.

• Be careful! By modifying your registry files, you can hurt valuable information on your computer. We strongly suggest to choose the right software and let it take care of cleaning the registry for you.An overused registry will be filled to the top with errors and invalid entries. When you want to clean it up, you will need to make a backup for it, in order to avoid losing precious data in the process. A backup will help you get the system as it was, but this is not an easy task, and mending the lost pieces together requires a lot of care, knowledge and patience.PC Doc Pro can help you acquire the desired security when dealing with your registry. It will help you backup your system and then restore it when needed. With PC Doc Pro, you can be sure that only the registry entries that are no longer valid are removed from your machine, and not valuable information that needs to be store there. Proceed to find more about the importance of backup.

The Importance Of Backup

In order to make a backup for your registry, you will have to read carefully the system instructions on the matter. This recommendation is valid for the following versions of Windows: Windows 2000, Windows 98 SE and Windows ME. You can read further below on how to make a backup for registry files with PC Doc Pro. For Windows Vista and Windows XP, PC Doc Pro offers another methods to get your computer back to its performance level.

For Windows Vista and Windows XP

These two versions of Windows present system restore capabilities that were not available up to them. This means that it is in your powers to get the system back the way it was, while making backup for system files and registry items, in the same time. With PC Doc Pro, this process is made easier. You will just have to check the option for making a backup file, whenever you initiate a repairing registry session, and you will no longer have to worry about losing valuable pieces of data.

Backup capabilities-

PC Doc Pro handles the information stored in your registry files, by making a backup when you run the program in order to remove registry entries that you no longer want on your machine. When you want to test to computer and see the results, you can always make use of the backup made by PC Doc Pro to put back information that you changed your mind about removing. You can also get one or more registry items reinstated, with the options this software has for you.

• Note: We recommend to make backups from time to time to ensure the best capabilities of the program, as a complete backup is less efficient than having more backups done over time.

• It is important to check the entries that you want to remove for validity. You may get a long list of entries that are considered to be invalid, but extra caution is advisable.

How to remove the error causing entries-

When an error is identified, it will be checked for removal. On the list displayed on your screen, you can see where each file is located and then modify them, or send them in the list for ignore items, or just simply get rid of them.

The list for ignored items There are several things you can do with the entries identified on scanning the registry. If you do not want PC Doc Pro to remove these entries, but you don't want to stumble upon them on future scans, you will need to move them to the ignored items list. They will be kept there, along with the file location they are allotted inside the registry.From that list, you can also manage the items as you see fit. PC Doc Pro offers you the possibility to remove any entry from the list of ignored items, and place it on scan, along with the others, any time you want.Other Options For PC Doc Pro Handling startup items With PC Doc Pro, you can handle your startup items, by choosing only the ones that you want to get launched when you start your machine. If you have ever used Windows System Configuration option, then you will know how to use this tool. By handling startup programs, your computer will be able to start faster and run smoother.

• When you decide to remove a program from startup, make a test, by rebooting your machine, to see if it does not affect other programs, as well.

When you use this facility offered by PC Doc Pro, you will no longer have that long list of items in start up and they will no longer launch when you turn on your machine.

• If you decide for removal of a program from startup, this decision is for good, so we suggest to balance whether you want it removed or not from your startup.Choosing Your Own Times For Scans PC Doc Pro provides you the possibility to run scans whenever that fits you best. The scanning process can be scheduled to be automatic, so you can get rid of unwanted registry errors on a regular basis. The removal process can also be automated, so, if you want to let the program do the job for you, it is possible with this PC Doc Pro option.Total Restoration Of Your Computer Performance Cleaning up your registry files is not a job for the unadvised. But, with PC Doc Pro, the process of scanning your registry files, making a backup for safety reasons, and restoring the system as it was, all these are made possible with just a few clicks. This registry curing tool can offer you total restoration of your computer performance, and, with its option for scheduling scans whenever you want, you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your computer, while PC Doc Pro takes care of all your registry problems.PC Doc Pro is a piece of software that helps you with all the problems that your registry causes to your computer.

PC DOC PRO- Pc Doc Pro-Alternate

If You Think Computers Are Complicated Now – Just Wait

PC Doc Pro helps you to clean and scan efficient you registry. With PC Doc Pro your computer performance will be at an optimal level. PC Doc Pro analyzes the registry and you can decide what items you want to be removed. After removing them, you can restore your computer to a previous state if you want. For more information or for a free scan, check out: www.PC Doc .

Addressed in this Product White Paper-

This document helps you how to use PC Doc Pro and how to make changes to the registry. It does not contain instructions or detail steps. For that you can use the local help file that comes with the application.This document highlights all you have to know about the registry modifications and helps you to clean it in the safest way avoiding any kind of error.

The following topics are covered:

Registry Information ……………………………. 4

Specific Registry Concerns ………………...…. 4

Backup and Restore ………………………….5

PC Doc Pro Scan and Removal …………………. 5

Other PC Doc Pro Features ……………………….. 8

Managing Startup Items ……………….. 8

Scheduling Scans ………………………. 9

Safety and Peace of Mind ……………………. 9

Registry Information-

The Windows registry is a database of all configuration settings in Microsoft Windows operating systems ; in all Windows NT based operating systems and later, and in home-based versions from Windows 95 onwards. Without it, Windows would not be able to run. The registry is stored on your computer in several files. Depending upon your version of Windows there will be different files and different locations for these files.

It contains information and settings for all the hardware , operating system software , most non-operating system software, users, preferences of the PC , etc. Whenever a user makes changes to Control Panel settings, file associations , system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in the registry. The Windows registr y was introduced to tidy up the profusion of per-program INI files that had previously been used to store configuration settings for Windows programs. These files tended to be scattered all over the system, which made them difficult to track.

Specific Registry Concerns-

There are advantages to the registry system. The registry keeps machine configuration separate from user configuration. Group Policy allows administrators on a Windows-based computer network to centrally manage program and policy settings. Part of this involves being able to set what an entry in the registry will be for all the computers on the network, and affect nearly any installed program. The registry can be accessed as one item over a network, and it can also be backed up easily due to the size and specific location of the files.

However, a centralized registry system presents some problems as well. The

registry is like a “single point of failure”. That means that the damage to the Registry can render a Windows system unbootable, in extreme cases to a point that cannot be fixed, and requires a full reinstall of Windows. There is an automated backup mechanism, and these secondary/backup files will be loaded, if the primary files fail to load.

If any application that doesn't uninstall properly, or doesn't have an uninstaller, it can leave entries in the registry. In most cases this leads to performance or even stability problems. That can also lead to increased registry size. When the registry becomes very large, computer performance can decrease and cause it to be unstable. Some computer users spend a lot of time and effort going through the registry and editing it manually. Not only can this be a daunting task, it is also a risky one.Making changes to the registry can cause irreversible damage. We recommend that you know what you are doing, by reading the information presented here and use the right tools.When dealing with registry errors and invalid entries, backing up the registry is a common practice. You have the option to revert to a previous working state. Typically, restoring parts of the registry is challenging as extracting data from backed up files is not an easy task.

PC Doc Pro provides numerous safeguards and functionality so that you can feel secure that you have safely backed-up and restored files removed from the registry. With PC Doc Pro you can remove only the unwanted or unused registry items you choose.Becoming familiar with the backup capabilities will be the next step.

Backup and Restore-

If you are using Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows 98 SE, or Windows ME, the system help instructions will teach you how to create a backup of the registry. For these systems PC Doc Pro offers backup file capabilities as described below. If you are running Windows Vista or Windows XP operating system, there are two backup mechanisms available with PC Doc Pro.

• System Restore Point

• Backup Files

System Restore Point for Vista and XP The system restore point option is available if you are using Windows Vista orWindows XP. System Restore helps you restore your computer's system files to an earlier point in time. It's a way to undo system changes to your computer without affecting your personal files, such as e-mail, documents, or photos. The r estore point is a representation of a stored state of your computer's system files. This method involves backing up system files as well as registry entries. With PC Doc Pro you have the option to create a restore point. When this is selected a system restore point is automatically generated each time the process of fixing errors is initiated.

Backup Files-

You create a backup file every time when you use PC Doc Pro for removing registry items.You can also restore the deleted items because PC Doc Pro saves these backups. With this option, a group of registry entries can be reinstated rather than having to restore the whole registry or an out-dated set of files. You can also restore one or more backup files at a time.Restoring the registry can affect the functionality of your software.There are instances when incremental backups are beneficial over a complete backup of the registry.

PC Doc Pro Scan and Removal-

If you have already learned backup procedures, you can begin the scanning process.There are several types of registry items that can be scanned. The following table identifies these categories and describes the kind of invalid entries

contained within.

COM/ActiveX Entries

Uninstall Entries

Font Entries

Shared DLLs

Application Paths

Help Files Information

Windows Startup Items

File/Path References

Program Shortcuts

Empty Registry Keys

File Associations

Invalid Entry Description

Invalid COM or ActiveX object entries in the Windows registry can cause application failures, document and information loss, and system crashes.When an application's installer does not correctly set up the uninstall process, the Registry becomes clogged with invalid information.Often application errors – especially in Word processing applications – are caused by missing or corrupt font files. (for example, Word processing applications).Invalid entries in the Shared DLLs section of the Registry can cause a certain type of application failure commonly known as "DLL hell".Disk directories that are not referenced correctly can often cause programs to fail.This section of the registry can point to invalid help files that can cause application help files to open incorrectly.

This section of the registry can contain missing program entries. This is because of the incorrect installing or uninstalling of an application.Some registry items can be associated with non-existing
files and folders such as when temporary files are used for storage. These entries may still be valid and required for use. Only remove entries that you know are invalid.
Incorrect program shortcuts can cause applications to take much longer to start – or simply stop them from running at all.Registry keys can have no value, and clog up your system.This section of the registry can contain invalid file associations. If a file type is associated with a program that does not exist then it shows up as an irregularity.Table 1: Types of invalid items to be scanned and removed You can select the specific items you want to scan before you initiate the scan and removal process.


As you selected the registry items the scanning process can be initiated.PC Doc Pro provides a step-by-step process that includes displaying the scan process while it is in progress. After the scan is complete the list of errors is displayed as can be seen in Figure.Although a computer system may have several scanning tools, in most cases the first PC Doc Pro scan you perform will detect hundreds of invalid items. In these situations it is likely that the other scanning tools are detecting virus or spyware threats.

Registry items that are listed can be invalid. However, some entries may be valid. It is useful to know if the item is invalid or not before removing it.

Removal of Detected Items-

By default, all the identified errors are selected for removal. You can view the errors and where they are located. You can also modify the selection of each item, and you can send items to the Ignore list or remove them.

Ignore List-

If you add some of the detected items to the Ignore list, PC Doc Pro does not remove the item and it will also be ignored during upcoming scans. The items that are listed in the results window have associated their location in the registry. You can also click a link that sends them to the Ignore list.When the Ignore link is clicked, the item is removed from the list of detected errors and is placed in the Ignore list. You can view and manage the Ignore list. The ignored items can be removed from the list so that they are once again available to be scanned, detected, and removed.Other PC Doc Pro Features Managing Startup Items-

You can use PC Doc Pro to select which applications are launched when starting your computer. With the PC Doc Pro Manage Startup tool you can easily improve the startup speed by choosing only the items you want to launch when you start your computer.We recommend that you can disable an item and see how the change will affect the functioning of your computer.The application you selected to run when starting your computer can be removed from the strat up list.Once an item is removed from the list you cannot re-enter it. Only use this if you are sure removing the item will not negatively affect

Scheduling Scans-

Because of its equipment with scheduling functionality, PC Doc Pro will scan automatically you computer on a regular basis. Once certain of your scan settings as specified in this document, you can set up one or more schedules to automate the scanning and removal process.Safety and Peace of Mind,When you remove an item from the registry you must be very careful. With PC Doc Pro this process is safety because it has a registry cleaning tool with safety in mind. PC Doc Pro is fast and offers a friendly, easy to use interface and a step-by-step process that gives you the control. After you have the confidence of cleaning your registry you can automate the process and have your system registry running at optimal levels of performance. PC Doc Pro Manage Startup tool you can easily improve the startup speed by choosing only the items you want to launch when you start your computer.

PC DOC PRO-Secrets to Faster Internet

Six Tips for Boosting Your Internet Speed-

If you are someone who spends a lot of time browsing the Web, you've almost certainly run across plenty of ads for software products which promise to speed up your Internet connection so that websites will load much more quickly. But how much they can you put in such claims?

While some of these software products are legitimate, before you spend money on any of them, you should try some of the following DYI techniques to improve your Internet speeds on your own:

The speed with which you can get around on the Internet is directly connected to the type of connection you have. At one time, a 56K modem was considered state-of-the-art Internet access. Today, however, DSL, cable, and wireless Internet connections make the 56K modem seem agonizingly slow. Even these advanced Internet connections, however, can be made even faster with a few additional measures in place.

1- Begin to optimize your Internet connection speed by simply adding more memory to your PC. Unless you have sufficient memory, your connection speed will be hampered. Even if you have plenty of memory, however, your connection speed will still suffer if you are running unnecessary programs in the background while you surf.

2- Check to see which programs are running on your computer by hitting CTRL+ALT+ DEL to open Your Windows Task Manager. Doing so will give you a list of every application that's currently running, and the option to close those which are necessary. As you close different applications, you'll free up your PC's memory and the resources to speed up your Internet connection.

3- Use a browser with a pop-up blocker. Whenever you surf the web, your risk for encountering pop-up ads which on your bandwidth and slow your browser speed. Simply use a Google search to find a web browser with a built-in pop-up blocker.

4- Protect your PC against spy ware and aware. When you surf the Web, your PC is vulnerable to being compromised with unwanted files which are secretly loaded onto your hard drive to provide the parties responsible for them with information about your surfing habits. This adware and spy ware can seriously compromise your PC, and requires the installation of anti-spyware software.

5- There is plenty of good anti-spyware software available in the form of free Internet downloads. If you aren't currently using any, you should immediately install some and run it. Once it's found and removed the offending programs from your PC, you should get in the habit of running it frequently.You can determine if your PC has been infected with spy ware by looking for a free spyware scan. Review the different spy ware scanning tools available to make sure the one you download is from a reputable provider.PC DOC PRO provides windows registry cleaner to increase your internet speed.

6- An even greater threat to your ability to browse the web at maximum speed is the threat of computer viruses. Viruses are capable of eating out the enormous amounts of bandwidth and reducing your Internet surfing to a crawl. You absolutely must install good anti virus software and run it regularly. Look for an antivirus program which is automatically updated, because new viruses, Trojans, and worms find their way to the Internet everyday!

PC DOC PRO-How to Restore DBX-Files in Outlook Express

Outlook Express Problems: Restoring DBX File Errors-

If your PC is running on the Windows OS (versions 98 or later), then it's a quick with the news client/e-mail application known as Outlook Express. Download Outlook Express fix Tool to fix the problem. Download Here, Although Outlook Express has been re-christened as Windows Mail or Windows Vista, it's still the same old Outlook Express. Outlook express is included in the Windows operating system to provide both business owners and home PC users an easy way to send, receive, and store there e-mail correspondence.

Outlook Express, however, is not without its problems. Many of its users, from time to time, find they are either unable to delete their old e-mail, or to read their new e-mail. The most common reason for Outlook Express problems is corrupted .dbx files. Dbx files are the ones in which Outlook Express data is stored. All the information contained in the Outlook Express folders kept on your PC's hard disk will have the .dbx extension. Your Outlook Express outbox, for example, will show up as outbox.dbx.PC DOC PRO remove the unnecessary .dbx files from your Outlook Express program and from your PC's Windows registry.

How can you determine if your DBX files have been corrupted or damage?

1- Outlook Express will respond slowly when booting or when opening different folders.

2- Outlook Express will take more time to perform basic functions like marking messages as having been read.

3- Specific Outlook Express folders may not work properly

4- Outlook Express may fail to display your unread email

How can you fix your Outlook Express DBX errors?

A poorly-operating Outlook Express can often be linked to and over accumulation of. dbx files on a PC's hard drive. The best way to overcome this problem and to get your Outlook express operating efficiently again is to remove the unnecessary .dbx files will from your Outlook Express program and from your PC's Windows registry. The quickest way to do that is to click on the following link.Doing so will both scan your PC for redundant .dbx files and repair both Outlook Express and your Windows registry!

PC DOC PRO-How to Fix Outlook Express

The Best Outlook Express Repair Methods-

While the Outlook Express e-mail program which is incorporated in all versions of Microsoft Windows OS is known to have its share of bugs, those bugs scan usually be repaired fairly easily. This article will provide you with the basic information you need to keep your Outlook Express functioning properly.PC Doc Pro is very good in job of tackling the glitches in Outlook Express. PC Doc Pro finds and fixes other errors in our Windows registry.PC Doc Pro is very good in job of tackling the glitches in Outlook Express. PC Doc Pro finds and fixes other errors in our Windows registry.

Six Outlook Express Repair Techniques

1- One simple and quick way to fix Outlook Express problems is simply to reboot your computer. A reboot is often all it takes to handle a wide number of Microsoft issues, and the estimates are that it will succeed with 60% of Outlook Express difficulties.

2-If rebooting your computer didn't take care of your Outlook Express problems, it might be time to compact your Outlook Express folders and to repair your Outlook Express DBX file. Your DBX file is an index file which holds all your Outlook express folders and messages. Should it become corrupt, you can quickly repair it by compacting the folders it contains.

3- Compact your DBX file folders by going into Outlook Express, and clicking on your "File" menu. Then select "Folder," and "Compact All Folders." You may have to wait a few minutes for all the files in your mailbox to be compacted if you have stored a large number of them. When you receive the message that your files have been compacted, shut and restart Outlook Express to see if the problem has been taking care of.

4- Set up a new account. If you having any success with the above remedies, you can simply set up a new Outlook express and import all the files from your existing one to it.

5- Repair your Outlook Express Windows registry entries. If your Outlook Express registry entry is either missing or damaged, your entire program may fail. Open your Start Menu, and click on “Run.” When the command box appears, type “msimn/reg,” and click “OK.” Even though your Outlook Express registry entry will be replaced or repaired, you won't have any indication that it's happening.

6- If nothing else has worked, it's time to reinstall Outlook Express. To learn how to do that properly, you'll have to go to the Microsoft support site at:

The Easiest Outlook Express Fix The simplest way, from your perspective, to repair your Outlook Express is to download an effective third party repair tool. Our particular favorite is the registry cleaning tool PC Doc Pro, which did a remarkable job of tackling the glitches we were experiencing in Outlook Express. PC Doc Pro, however, did even more by finding and fixing other errors in our Windows registry, so that our PC's overall performance improved dramatically as well. If you want to download PC Doc Pro, you can do so here.

PC DOC PRO-How to Fix Microsoft Word Errors

Finding and Repairing Microsoft Word Errors-

Microsoft Word is the word processor included in the Microsoft Office software suite, and is also the dominant word processing program in use today. While most Windows PC users are familiar with Microsoft Word only a very small percentage of them are fully familiar with the amazing desktop publishing capabilities of this program.The remarkable features of Microsoft Word, however, are also one of its weaknesses. Its highly sophisticated programming makes Microsoft Word vulnerable to frequent glitches which can negatively affect its performance. If you are a regular user of MS Word, you can spare yourself a good deal of frustration by learning how to avoid or to fix the most common of these glitches. This article will show you how to do just that!

What are some of the most common Microsoft Word problems?

* Documents which refused to open
* Insufficient memory
* Documents which open with unreadable formatting
* Macro error messages
* Freezing
* Hidden module errors
* Crashing

Repairing MS Word Errors-

Begin your word error repair by writing down the error code and the error message, if you get one. MS word error codes differ according to the version of MS Word you were running, and you can determine which version that is simply day going into your MS Word Help Menu and selecting About Microsoft Word.

If an error occurs whilst using Word, it's important to make a note of the error code or message. There are many different error codes depending on which Microsoft Word version you happen to be using. If you're not certain which version you have you can find out by going to the Help menu and choosing the About Microsoft Word option. The screen which comes up will indicate the version you are running.

Once you've identified your version of MS Word, you can go to the Microsoft support site at http://support.he to find out more about the specific error code you've received.

The Microsoft Word Repair Tool

Go into your MSWord Help Menu, and select “Detect and Repair.” If you prefer, you can open your Control Panel from your Start Menu, and find the Repair Tool on the “Add and Remove Programs” list. Select “Microsoft Office” from the list of programs, then select “Change,” and finally, select “Repair.”Running the MSWord Repair Tool will restore Word's default settings, so you'll have to sacrifice all of your customization. But that may be the only way to restore Word to its normal functioning.Try Running a Good Registry Repair Tool

There are many instances in which MS Word errors are the result of your Word software conflicting with another application on your PC. Having either Adobe Acrobat or another PDF converter on your computer, for example, is a major source of this kind of conflict. Even removing Adobe or the PDF converter may not eliminate the problem because file fragments from the remove program will still remain in your Windows registry.

To read your PC of these unwanted files once and for all, you'll need to scan and repair your registry with a good registry cleaning tool. PC Doc Pro, for example, is an outstanding registry cleaner which will quickly find and locate all the errors which are affecting not only your Microsoft Word software, but all the other errors which are affecting your PC's performance.


Pc Optimizer - Pc Optimizer 360 is all in one Pc Optimizer with Spyware Cleaner ,Virus Removal and Adware Trojan Blocker

PC DOC PRO-8 Computer Maintenance Tips for Faster

Eight Must-Do Maintenance Tasks to Maximize Your PC' s Performance-

You may be operating under the impression, as a PC owner, that your marvelous machine will run forever as efficiently as fully as it did the day you first ride home from the store. PCs, however, just like automobiles, not only benefit from but require regular maintenance. If you're like most of us PC users, you can't imagine life without having your PC ready to go on a moment's notice. The only way to ensure that will happen is with a regular schedule of maintenance.

The demands you place on your PC simply from using each day will eventually cause its performance to deteriorate. Surfing the web, using your word processor, and playing games on your PC will eventually have an effect on its efficiency. If you'd all take regular status to restore it, you will eventually begin experiencing serious problems like system freezes or crashes and permanent data loss. We've compiled a list of the eight maintenance tasks which are absolute musts!

Scan for Viruses-

Whenever you are surfing the web, you are leaving your PC open to infestation by potentially devastating viruses. If your PC should happen to be invested with a virus and you don't remove it immediately, you may find your operating system damaged beyond repair, and your personal information at risk.You need to install a good virus scanning software program and run it on a regular basis. Choose an program which is on a manically updated, because new viruses hit the Internet every single day!

Keep Your Windows OS Current-

Make a point of checking the Microsoft site frequently for any patches or updates to your Windows OS. Microsoft regularly designs updates to protect the Windows OS from security threats and to keep Windows-based PCs operating at their best. If Microsoft issues an updated version of your operating system, install it.

Use a Firewall-

No one should be in the habit of going on the Internet without a good firewall installed on his or her PC. Most antivirus software programs include firewalls. Regardless of where you get a firewall, however, keep it updated so that it will protect you against the latest efforts of hackers to penetrate your PC and steal your personal information.

Create Regular Data Backups-

Nothing can be more devastating than to have lose the critical data stored on your computer. Even the best maintenance routine in the world is not an absolute guarantee that you'll avoid a crash which destroys your data. Backing your data up to a removable media like a zip drive or CD will keep it safe in the event of disaster.

Run Regular Hard Drive Defragmentation-

Maximizing the available space on your PCs hard disk is a great way to meet up its performance. Windows comes with a built-in defragmentation tool which you can use to organize the data on your hard drive very easily.

Use Your Disk Cleanup Tool-

Like your Defragmentation Tool, your Disk Cleanup Tool is built into your Windows operating system. Use it to clear out all the obsolete and temporary files which are taking up space on your PC. The more free space you have on your hard drive, the more quickly your Windows OS will be able to scan it for the information it needs to perform the tasks you ask it to.

Scan and Repair Your Windows Registry-

Your Windows registry is an enormous database which contains all the files necessary to run the hardware and software on your PC. The longer you use your PC, however, the more likely it is that the registry will become cluttered with obsolete or fragmented files left over when you remove software programs and hardware devices.Choose a good registry cleaning tools like PC Doc Pro to scan your Windows registry, locating and repairing or removing its unnecessary or damaged files. A clean Windows registry will take much less time for your Windows operating system to scan for the files it needs to run properly.

Clean Your PC-

Finally, the static generated by your PC is a magnet for dust and microscopic debris which will attach itself not only to your PCs exterior, but will make its way into your CPU unit and even clog your fan. Unless it is regularly removed, this dust can have a huge negative impact on your PC's performance. Read your PC owner's manual for instructions on the proper way to safely clean your PC.PC Doc Pro to scan your Windows registry, locate and repair or remove its unnecessary or damaged files. A clean Windows registry will take much less time for your Windows operating system to scan for the files it needs to run properly.

PC DOC PRO-Scanning for Common Registry Problems

Understanding the Windows Registry Scan-

No personal computer can operate without its Windows registry. The Windows registry is your PCs built-in database which contains all the operating instructions for every program, hardware device, and application installed on your hard drive. Each time you add a new program or application, or delete an existing one, your Windows registry updates the data it contains to reflect those changes. The Windows registry also stores the information about your user preferences and your system configurations, and records any alterations you make using your Control Panel.PC DOC PRO is a good registry cleaner which quickly scan, locate, and log all the useless entries in your registry.

Your Windows operating system must search through the data stored in the Windows registry in order to boot up and run your computer. With each change you make to your hard drive, you may be creating redundant files in the registry. As these unnecessary files accumulate over time, your operating system will take longer and longer to search them for the data it actually needs.

More junk files in your Windows registry translate into a less efficiently operating PC. If the registry becomes severely cluttered with junk files, in fact, you could begin to experience Windows operating errors, freezes, and even crashes. The most common symptoms of an overloaded registry include:


Applications which load either slowly or not at all;


The inability to add or remove programs; and

A need to reboot regularly.

The way to eliminate these problems is to search your Windows registry for the responsible files, and delete those files. You can do both of those things with a software tool called a registry cleaner.

A good registry cleaner will quickly scan, locate, and log all the useless entries in your registry. It will give you the option of either deleting them manually, or automatically delete them itself. You shouldn't, however, attempt to remove any registry entries manually unless you are highly PC-savvy. Deleting or mis-keying a registry entry improperly could severely damage your PC.

The best registry cleaners are those with backup capability. They are the ones which will make a copy of your existing registry before they scan it and delete any entries. Even though your current registry may be cluttered, it's at least functioning. Being able to restore it should something go wrong is your insurance policy against disaster.

You'll have no trouble at all finding a good registry cleaner on the Internet. All the best ones offer the same features, so choose one with a proven track record which will give you the confidence to know that you're cleaning your registry without risking further damage to your PC!

PC DOC PRO-Registry Repair Is Your PC Suffering From Lag

Are You Battling the PC Registry Blues?

Is it now par for the course for you to sit and twiddle your thumbs for several minutes waiting for your PC to perform tasks to take a matter of seconds? Are your sessions on the computer constantly interrupted by Windows error messages? If so, the chances are good that you're experiencing the results of having a Windows registry overloaded with junk files.

It's inevitable that your PC's registry will become a repository for lots of on necessary data the more it is used. With each installation or removal of a hardware device or software application, data files will be left on your registry, and your Windows operating system will have the time-consuming task of searching through that useless data in order to find the registry files it really needs to perform its job.

If you have computer skills, and are running any Windows operating system from Windows 95 to Windows Vista, you can affect repairs to your registry manually. If, however, you take on this job without proper technical skills, you'll face an enormous challenge because only the wrong files could render your PC useless. Simply mis-keying a single entry in a single file path will know the trick. Attempting to discover and remove all the garbage files from your system registry without disaster is tremendously risky.

You can almost guarantee yourself far more successful outcome simply by using a good registry cleaner. A registry cleaner is a software tool which scans your Windows registry for those junk entries, and removes them without endangering your PC anyway. One of the best and most user-friendly of all registry cleaners is PC Doctor Pro.

Its simplicity of use is precisely what makes PC Doctor Pro the ideal solution for your Windows registry woes. After installing it on your PC, simply choose the options you want it to perform, and it will automatically complete the tasks you assign it. You'll be astounded when you read the log of errors which PC Doctor Pro finds in your Windows registry the first time you use it. You can either remove the files of your choosing manually, or allow the software to delete them.

Schedule PC Doctor Pro to perform regular registry scans and cleanups automatically, so that you keep your Windows operating system running at its peak. Your registry is constantly picking up unnecessary entries like missing file associations and invalid paths, and a weekly registry scan and cleaning is advisable.

PC Doctor Pro can further optimize your PC's performance by managing the number of programs which launch each time. Each program running on your computer takes up a percentage of its resources and memory, and the more of them there are, the more slowly your PC will run. You can use PC Doctor Pro to determine which programs launch at boot up by clicking on PC Doctor Pro's "Manage Startup" icon. Finally, your PC Doctor Pro registry cleaner will updated automatically.

There is no reason at all why you should spend another minute waiting for your PC to perform the way it did when you first brought it home from the store. And thanks to PC Doctor Pro, you no longer have to!

PC DOC PRO-Quick Guide to Registry Cleaners

PC DOC PRO- Registry Cleaner Basics-:

It's no exaggeration to say that, without a properly functioning Windows registry, your PC's Windows operating system would be worthless. The Windows registry is the repository of information regarding all the software applications, hardware devices, user preferences, and system configurations on your PC's hard drive. The longer you use your computer, the more data during its registry as you add new hardware and software to what was factory-installed.

With each change you may to the contents of your hard drive, whether you add, remove, or simply modify its contents, there are corresponding changes to your Windows registry. Eventually, obsolete data begins to clog the registry. Because your Windows operating system has to scan the registry for necessary data each time you ask it to perform a task, searching through obsolete data can dramatically slow its response time.

Your OS might even mistake obsolete file fragments for the data it needs, causing your PC to freeze or even crash. If you're having system problems with your PC, the odds are that they are being caused by registry errors.

If you're the kind of PC user who loves to install and uninstall programs, especially free software or games, you can probably benefit from getting a good registry cleaner and running its regularly to scrub all those unnecessary file fragments from your system. You'll have no problem finding a registry cleaner, because there are plenty of software manufacturers who make them. While all of them perform the same basic function, however, you should get one which has specific features.

Find a registry cleaner with a backup capability. Your Windows registry is the heart and soul of your PC. It contains countless files without which your PC simply will not run, and making changes to those files could leave you with no computer at all. So you need a registry cleaner which can make a backup copy of your existing registry before it goes to work repairing it. Having a backup copy will ensure that, in the unlikely event that your registry cleaner removes essential data, you'll be able to restore your registry and your PC function.

If you choose a free registry cleaner, however, it might not have backup capability. In fact case, you'll have to create your own backup. Go to your Start menu, click on Run, and type “Regedit.” Then select File, Export, enter a name for your backup file (be sure to give it a .reg extension) and a destination, which be a removable floppy disk or CD.

Once you have your registry backed up, you can clean it. While earlier versions of Windows included factory-installed registry cleaners, all Windows operating systems since Windows 98 require that you purchase or download a free registry cleaner.PC DOC PRO provides a quick guide to registry cleaners.

Finally, if you suspect that the problems with your registry are the result of its being infected with spyware, adware, a virus or Trojan, you have the option of restoring it to a configuration it had been for the infection occurred. Go to your Start menu, click on All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. Select a date on the calendar when you recall that your PC was operating correctly. Your PC will automatically restore its registry configuration to that point.

While keeping your PC free of malware is essential, using a registry cleaner to remove any changes for which your own actions were responsible is also essential. Doing so is the only way stay ahead of the accumulated junk which will interfere with your PC's performance!

PC DOC PRO-How to Achieve a Cleaner Registry

Cleaning and Optimizing Your Windows Registry

Your Windows registry can become overloaded in a number of ways, cluttered with left over file fragments each time you add or uninstall a hardware device or software application; surf online; or create and delete word processor files. Almost everything you do with your PC, in fact, is capable of leaving a trail of junk in your Windows registry.PC DOC PRO provides solution for cleaning and optimising your
windows registry.

Because your Windows OS will be completely useless without a properly functioning registry, it's essential that you keep your registry clutter-free. Your Windows registry, in case you don't know, is the enormous database in which are stored on the settings, configurations, and files necessary to run all your computer's processes and applications. If anything happens to damage or corrupt your registry, you might eventually end up with dead PC.

Unless you have computer skills to manually remove those junk files, the only way to keep your registry in pristine condition and your PC operating at its best is to use a registry cleaner. Removing the wrong file from your PC's registry could render some of your key computer processes, and your PC itself, unresponsive. Without having its Windows Registry cleaned on AA regular basis, however, your PC will become slower and slower, experiencing more and more freezes and even crashes.

There are, of course, several
registry cleaners and registry repair tools from which you can choose, and for the most part they do an acceptable job. But caution is the operative word when you're choosing a registry cleaner simply because there are those which can actually do more damage to your registry. Look for a registry cleaner with a proven record of reliability.

A good registry cleaner has several key features:

First, choose a registry cleaner which has the capability, so that you can make a copy of your existing registry before you scan it and delete the unnecessary data. Even all your registry might not be operating as efficiently as you would like, it is still operating and you should have a way to restore it if you encounter problems.

Second, find a registry cleaner produced by a manufacturer known for customer support, so that if you encounter any problems you have a place to turn.

Third, look for a registry cleaner which doesn't require you to be a technical wizard in order to use it. The whole point of purchasing a registry cleaner is to compensate for your lack of computer skills!

The registry cleaner you choose should be able to scan your entire registry and automatically find and fix (among others) problems with the following;



Shell extensions;

Class keys;

File types;


Invalid paths;

App events

The quickest way to find a
registry cleaner which meets all the above criteria is within Internet search. Take the time to read reviews provided by people who've already used different registry cleaners, and to do comparison shopping before you reach a final decision. Once you've chosen yours, don't hesitate to ask for guidance from more computer-savvy friends or family members who have experience using registry cleaners!

PC DOC PRO-Fix Your Windows Registry for a Fast PC

Clean Your Windows Registry for a Fast PC-

Many computer users hate their computers' getting slower and get very frustrated with its performance nor realizing that the remedy is simple; there is a cure for poor performance. However that does not involve throwing something at it in a temper which at best will do nothing and at worse inflict more damage. However we all understand the frustration we feel when waiting for a computer to do something. Sometimes computer reactions are turtle slow, but often a quick registry clean will eliminate the vast majority of your computer problems.

Your Registry Controls PC Speed-

We have all experienced the fast performance of a new computer and the reason for this is very simple the registry is nearly empty. The registry dictates the speed at which your computer functions but it also is a storage depot for all the information concerning the hardware, software and programs that your computer has installed. Once you start to change your preferences and personalize your information your registry has to juggle with excess information. Also every time that you add a program the registry has more things added to it and when you delete the program not all the fields are removed from the registry. The result is a very sluggish computer because it has to trawl through obsolete ancient files to find what it is looking for.

The Fast and Easy Way to Fix Your Registry-

Fortunately a reliable registry cleaner means that you have the confidence to leave it to do what is in effect a clear out off your registry. If you Google purchase a new “registry cleaner” you will find thousands of products which offer to clean your registry. All of them have the same aim and design function; they clean your registry and restore an old computer to a much faster speed. This is because it eliminates the processing time to check all the contents of a clogged up registry.

What you need in a good registry system is a program that you can trust; it has to be user friendly and easy to use because it is imperative that it is set up correctly. It could be a painful disastrous lesson if you cleaned it wrongly and deleted the wrong set of files. Once files are deleted accidentally from a registry they are unfortunately gone forever. The only way back is taking your computer to the computer hospital, which as we all know is an expensive step. A registry cleaner that makes a back up of copies of what it deletes is essential, because if any mistakes have occurred the files can be restored easily and quickly and more importantly at no cost.PC DOC PRO provides windows Registry Cleaning Software to fix Windows registry problems.

Once you can rely on your cleaner you will find that you can sit back and enjoy your computer and use it with confidence because it will be so much more fun, even if you are working. The registry is a little like a juggler, the more balls a juggler throws in the air the more likely the whole lot will come tumbling down. But once he is throwing the optimum amount, he can go on forever.

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